The follow are a selected collection of my individual and group academic works. The following case studies a derived from the East Carolina University “Writing in Professional Contexts” third edition text.

Case #1: Recommending Actions

This case exemplifies the complications involved in changing a company name, brand, and/or logo, articulating a implementation plan and timeline, and recommending ways to communicate changes to stakeholders.

Research Report

Presentation Proposal

Email to employees

Letter to employees

Case #2: Articulating Public Concerns

Case 2 researches the four controversial proposed plans to replace the Bonner Bridge located in Outer Banks, NC. Two deliverables are provided to describe the advantages and disadvantages of each proposal for public debate. I create a request for proposal to persuade construction companies to take on the favored bridge plan.

Info graphic of the four main proposals:

Deployment of Deliverables

Request for Proposal

Case #3: Fostering Corporate Diversity

In this case I address diversity at the workplace and investigate ways to accommodate requests from employees.  I write a recommendation report advocating for incorporating a gender-neutral bathroom and a dedicated nursing mother’s room. I also draft a memo explaining to the company explaining the particulars of the request as well as why the renovations could not be accommodated.


Recommendation Report

Case 4: Promoting an Organization or Company

I perform a content audit of a company website and develop a recommendation report addressing ways the organization can better represent their values and promote themselves via the web.

Content Audit

Recommendation Report